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Frequently Asked Questions

If we have not answered your question, give us a call.

How does booking work?

What are classes like?

All classes are run live in studio. Students have the choice or attending the live studio or joining online as each session is streamed live.


At the registration/checkout you have the choice of which option suits the student best.

Classes are structured but informal. Class sizes are usually no more than 8 per class although this can vary during summer breaks. Progress is through graded exercises that become more interesting and challenging.  There is no grading. Students are encouraged to have fun at their own pace.

Are there any exams?

No. Our classes are more about learning, self-expression and having fun. Not competition. 

Whilst we will always praise and encourage our students to improve their skills, we do not judge or grade them.

What materials are required and used?

How do I connect to your online classes?

For live studio students all materials are provided. Each student will have a pencil case to keep in class, not to take home.

For online students we strongly recommend using the best materials available as this enhances the drawing experience.  Please contact us and we can advise on the right pens and paper, most of which can be purchased on Amazon.

We can also supply ready made box sets.

All classes are run using Google Meet. Please ensure you have this loaded onto your PC before you start.

Once your fees are paid, you will be sent a log on link/invitation for each class. For safety a different link is sent for each class each week.

What if I cannot attend a class?

All sales are final. For After School Club we may offer a credit class subject to availability. There are no refunds or exchanges of any kind,

The health and safety of our students is very important - Covid-19 

As a student, if, for any reason you feel unwell or show symptoms of flu or Covid-19, please do not attend a live class.


In accordance with the City of Weston Covid-19 guidelines, we are asking that all students during class time wear suitable protective masks.

Each student in the live class will receive a set of in-class materials provided by the academy after registration. Each student will have a pencil case to keep in class, not to take home.

Desks will be cleaned.

Hand sanitizers will be available.

Distances will be observed.

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